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The WESTMINSTER AFFAIR - Book One of a Trilogy: A trilogy set in the halls of Westminster? the centre of real power in London Paperback – September 1. THE WESTMINSTER AFFAIR - (Book One of a Trilogy 1) eBook: Mark Vidal: Kindle Store.

It is a tonic for the less forthright savagery of the human heart. With no previous experience and only a few hopelessly out-of-date books on falconry as a guide, he set about trying to bend the will of his young bird Gos to his own. Suffering setback after setback, the solitary and troubled White nonetheless found himself obsessively attached to the animal he hoped would one day set him free. The Hard Years by Joe Brown. The autobiography of one of the greatest names in mountain climbing. Joe Brown is one of the greatest names in British climbing.

This book not only describes his many notable climbs, but reveals a most engaging personality with a highly interesting approach to his craft. He was born in a Manchester slum, the youngest of seven children; his father died before he was a year old. The characteristics he showed as a child — a quite extraordinary self-reliance and an unexpected love of the countryside — are reflected throughout his life-story. The Harold Nicolson Diaries. One of the great 20th century political diaries Harold Nicolson was one of the three great political diarists of the 20th century along with Chips Channon and Alan Clark.

He had previously been in the Foreign Office and attended the Paris Peace Conference in , and material from his period is included in this new edition for the first time. He socialised widely, was married to the poet and author Vita Sackville-West, and together they created the famous garden at Sissinghurst. Both were bi-sexuals and had affairs outside their marriage.


This new edition also draws on diary entries and letters previously considered too sensitive for inclusion. The Horror of Love by Lisa Hilton. The compelling love story of two extraordinary individuals — Nancy Mitford and Free French commander Gaston Palewski — living in extraordinary times. Elegant and intelligent, Nancy was a reknowned wit and a popular author.

Yet this bright, waspish woman, capable of unerring emotional analysis in her work gave her heart to a well-known philanderer who went on to marry another woman. Was Nancy that unremarkable thing — a deluded lover — or was she a remarkable woman engaged in a sophisticated love affair?

Gaston Palewski, was the Free French commander and one of the most influential politicians in post-war Europe.

The Innocent, The Exiled, and The Uncrowned Queen

She supported him throughout his tumultuous career and he inspired some of her best work, including The Pursuit of Love. The Inheritor's Powder by Sandra Hempel. In the nineteenth century it was criminally easy to bump off unwanted relatives. Wealthy landlord, George Bodle is taken violently ill. He dies within hours.

When his wife, daughter and two maids are also taken ill, there is only one terrifying explanation. A Murder Most Foul Yet, while arsenic was readily available over the counter in the s, poisoning was almost impossible to prove.

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As the evidence mounted up, a picture emerged of bitter family rivalries, brewing resentment, greed and ill-will. The Inner Man by John Baxter.

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An explosive and perceptive biography of the British novelist J. Ballard To many people, J. Others remember him as the author of CRASH , a meditation on the eroticism of the automobile and the car crash, which also became a film and a cause celebre for its frank depiction of a fetish which, as this book reveals, was no literary conceit but a lifelong preoccupation. In this first biography, John Baxter draws on an admiration of and acquaintance with Ballard that began when they were writers for the same s science fiction magazines.

The bestselling and infamous diary of a high-class call girl, as seen on the show starring Billie Piper.

Belle de Jour is the nom de plume of a high-class call girl working in London. This is her story.

Just A Family Affair

From the summer of to the autumn of Belle charted her day-to-day adventures on and off the field in a frank, funny and award-winning web diary. Now, in her Intimate Adventures, Belle elaborates on those diary entries, revealing among other things how she became a working girl, what it feels like to do it for money, and where to buy the best knickers for the job. From debating the literary merits of Martin Amis with naked clients to smuggling whips into luxury hotels, this is a no-holds barred account of the high-class sex-trade, and an insight into the secret life of an extraordinary woman.

One of the books she borrowed was The Red Pony by John Steinbeck and was so horrified by the fate of Gabilan that she could read no further. His first recommendation was 52 by Jo Bell, a poetry writing handbook, which encourages both established poets and beginners to write a poem a week. Callum is also a performance poet, who as a drama student, discovered poetry by watching YouTube videos. In difficult times, the panel agreed, poetry can help find a way forward.

Tom also chose Everything That Can Happen , an anthology that he had edited with Susannah Evans, which interrogates visions of the future. Meanwhile, as a guide for uncertain times in the present, Fiona suggested Living with Contradiction: Benedictine Wisdom for Everyday Living by Esther de la Waal, which shows that ambiguity can be transformative.

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It was after the death of Ted Hughes that Deborah — trapped in a disintegrating marriage — discovered his Birthday Letters. I started to write. From Afghanistan to Alaska — over land and by sea — the panel took us on a journey of literary discovery. An avid reader of travel literature since childhood, Jean chose The Way of the World by Nicolas Bouvier to take to the desert island.

Bouvier tells the story of road trip from Serbia to Afghanistan that he and a friend took in the s, captivating the reader said Jean, with the power of his writing. Helen is a specialist in medieval literature, which features stories of journeys and pilgrimage. Discussing walking for pleasure as well as for political, aesthetic, spiritual and social purposes, the book examines the relationship between the body, mind and surrounding environment.

Telling the story of his own voyage through the Inside Passage to Alaska, which traces that of Captain Vancouver in , Raban also reflects on the way the sea has influenced the art and culture of the indigenous people of the Northwest coast. Leaving his Cotswold village home at nineteen, Lee walked to London and then through Spain as it heads towards civil war. Examining gender politics and family relationships, the book also considers how we relate to the land and to particular landscapes.

A vivid account of life as a hill farmer, the book is a riposte to Romantic poets, such as Wordsworth and the long tradition of shepherds and shepherdesses in English literature. What is identity and why does it matter? Both Rik and Julian, who are specialists in dementia care, gave the audience some thought-provoking insights and fascinating reading suggestions. In this philosophical work, Taylor examines how the contemporary understanding of identity has evolved from earlier views of the self.

Based on the theory that fear of death drives everything we do, the book looks at how we can manage this terror and live happily. As the authors show, we need the security of a cultural worldview, together with a strong sense of personal significance — or self-esteem. Inspired by the elements of the periodic table, Levi draws on his experiences in fascist Italy and later in Auschwitz to create a thoughtful — and often funny — collection of short stories. The book, Rik said, is full of humanity and has much to say about the nature of identity.

Some of the books discussed can be ordered online through Libraries West at: www. There are twists and turns along the road to running a bookshop. But according to a panel of local booksellers, this journey is well worth the effort. This was the first in a series of new events organised by Friends of Redland Library, who asked panel members to talk about the books that had most influenced their careers.

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This book prompted him to volunteer with an AIDS charity, which indirectly led to him meeting his book-loving wife. Most of the books recommended can be ordered through Libraries West at: www. They gave the capacity audience some interesting recommendations — and plenty to think about. Held on a bitterly cold evening in early January, the event was the latest in our Desert Island Books series. Narrated through the voice of a Victorian novelist, the book is saturated by a twentieth century sensibility.

The most recent version was by Baz Luhrmann in and like every other film of the book, it was criticised for lack of subtlety. Born to be Bad: Talking to the Greatest Villains in Action Cinema by Timon Singh is collection of interviews with the actors behind the villains, while Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema by Sophie Mayer, has become a bible for contemporary feminist film-makers, curators and critics.

Most of the books recommended are available from Libraries West: www. Councillors Clive Stevens and Estella Tincknell provided a valuable insight into the Bristol Council budget process and the budgetary challenges being faced by the city. The consultation closed on 17th December and feedback will be considered by both Cabinet and Full Council. Dinan, N.

Nugent and W. Focussing on different aspects of the EU, the book analyses issues such as migration, the Eurozone and ongoing integration as well as problems with membership. A social satire set in Paris, the novel is a critique of the beauty myth and gender representations. Molly also chose to take fiction to the desert island and her pick was The Gustav Sonata by Rose Tremain. Set in Switzerland against the background of the Second World War, this is a story of friendship and loss that develops themes of neutrality and self-mastery. Middlemarch, she thought, would be perfect for a desert island because it contains many different stories and — if she were to use her time on the island to write her own novel — who better to be her guide than George Eliot?

A true story of Victorian murder and morality, the book is a meticulous examination of a criminal case with interesting parallels today. You can order most of the books discussed on the Libraries West website at: www. Written in , the book explores the ways in which people can use the anonymity of the city to construct social status and new identities in a way that would not have been possible in traditional village societies. The book shows how a new musical genre was created on inner London council estates, against a background of protest, pirate radio, police harassment, riots and gentrification.

As Paul pointed out, council housing offered a new beginning for working class families moving out of Victorian slums, but the concept was subsequently undermined.

Some Danger Involved: Barker & Llewelyn Series, Book 1 Unabridged