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6-8 August 2020
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April 15, A six-year-old boy called Nathan asks his father why his mum is crying. Nathan immediately feels terrible that his behaviour has caused his mother such distress. Somehow the message goes deep into his soul that he is responsible for the feelings of others. Decades later, Nathan is a pastor. He feels significant anxiety when others disapprove of his words or actions, especially if they are older, respected figures.


Nathan still carries an inner six-year-old who feels distressed if parental archetypes are displeased with him. Pastor Nathan is self-aware enough to realise his anxiety about pleasing others is holding him back as a leader. How might you address these kinds of deep-seated emotional responses? Read more. Study at Manchild! June 03, I have noticed and heard about some bad behaviour lately: to be more specific, bad online male behaviour involving misrepresentation of feminism and gaslighting of women. My curiosity was aroused by noticing similar patterns of behaviour from different people in different places.

How are they learning these techniques? What do you think of my proposed curriculum? What subjects should be added? Manchild Christian University Subject Choices Here at Manchild we teach you: Selective Biblical Literalism We'll show you how the 59 references to slaves in the New Testament need to be read on their cultural context, while explaining how taking l Timothy literally is a test of biblical orthodoxy, and that anyone who doesn't ban all women from leadership is a HERETIC!

Women's Issues We will help you develop a pat answer to every complex women's issue consent, abortion….

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Natalie Miller is a formidable force in the world of weaving and when it comes to exotic destinations with strong textile heritage, she's the lady you want to travel with! And then if your symptoms start to come back after two weeks, you can put the things back in. Matt: You may not need the stuff, you know? Event Waitlist Sorry, there are no available tickets for this event. Please try again later.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Further information: Hindmarsh Island bridge controversy. Aboriginal peoples of South Australia. Arkaroo 'Dreamtime' muda , mura-mura , tjukurrpa , etc. Watarru Mount Willoughby. Lower Murray languages Thura-Yura languages Sign languages. List of native title claims in South Australia. Jeff: And, obviously, Matt, again, you say this all the time. Jeff: So Matt can you just quickly explain the bad type of estrogen and the good type of estrogen —.

Matt: Well, now hang on. One of them is really good that actually protects the body from all of the bad side effects of estrogen. And that stuff is deactivated, conjugated, sit in the bowel until you get rid of it. Matt: Otherwise, it goes down these other pathways which are very inefficient. It can still be used as a food for bugs. And the bugs that cause urinary tract infections, thrush —. They love it.

They love it because they put the estrogen back into the body so it can contribute to cellulite, contribute to blood clotting, premenstrual dramas, and then come back and feed the bugs again. Matt: So these little self-feeding little fellows are fermenting everything.

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And when they ferment the estrogen, then they ferment the sugar. It causes a lot of gas and boating and fullness and that sort of stuff. Jeff: Wow. So a lot of this problem, most of it, comes down to an imbalance of progesterone and estrogen in the body and too much of the bad form of estrogen? Matt: Yeah. Matt: Yeah, okay, cool. Matt: Maybe polycystic ovaries. It may be one of those sort of things, some ovulation defect.

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So most commonly you get a progesterone deficiency because of poor ovulation. Matt: — or you bleed all the time. Matt: So progesterone holds the period in. But what happens mid cycle when you would be ovulating —. Matt: — or like some weird symptoms on ovulation. You can either put the progesterone in —. Just use it the whole time —. Matt: — and what it does is it makes ovulation more efficient, and it improves the integrity of the corpus luteum, which is the sac left over after the eggs popped out that makes progesterone.

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Vitex itself can improve ovulation and give you a really nice progesterone surge. Matt: And the other thing that happens with progesterone and Vitex is you get a flood of dopamine in your brain. Matt: — yeah, self-esteem, pride, reward all comes from progesterone. Matt: Yeah, yeah, where dopamine does self-esteem, pride, and reward.

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Matt: — or on cocaine. And that just makes the estrogen look worse.

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Matt: So we usually have dominance in estrogen, and that way even slightly underactive progesterone can manifest as low progesterone. Matt: — screwing around with ovulation anyway. So you just strip out the extra estrogen and compensate for the environment while you jack up the progesterone slightly.

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And then you can fix a lot of premenstrual dramas. Jeff: — ? Just for those people, again, with polycystic ovaries or too much pimples and all the rest of it —. Matt: Testosterone.

So the other thing is before the cysts arrive, the whole profile can include other insulin resistant syndrome symptoms which is round about ovulation or premenstrual acne across the jawline. Matt: So women that get polycystic ovaries, women that get acne, women whose hair is falling out in a mild pattern baldness fashion —.

Matt: So those sort of people are probably better off using the Alpha Venus with the Vitex. Jeff: We here to help. So Matt Dr. John Kapeleris who joined the team at the beginning of the year very, very smart man. His wife was suffering from spots on the back of her arm?