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Dhiman , M. K Awasthi, S. Gazi University Journal of Science. Volume 28 1 , pp , Tamsir, Neeraj Dhiman , Vineet K. Vol5 3 , pp Elsevier Journal. Tamsir, Neeraj Dhiman. Alexandria Engineering Journal.. Vineet Shriwastwa, Mohd.

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Neeraj Dhiman , Mohd. Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures.


Accept Apr Vineet Bhatt and Suraj S. Attended by Neeraj Dhiman. Dhiman, M. Study of Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability of the plane interface separated by viscoelastic and viscous fluid. Dhiman and A. Mathematical Model for cancer considering the effect of chemo-immunotherapy and Anti-inflammatory interlukent, Neeraj Dhiman, Mohd Tamsir,. Mathematics Honours from Graphic Era hill university, Dehradun batch.

My journey with graphic era has been really amazing. The knowledge given to me at graphic era not only helped me in pursuing my course but also helped me in certain competitive examinations. I was able to clear my Actuarial Science exam with the help of the knowledge i gained during the course. Apart from knowledge i have always been active in the cultural activities in the university and it is a great platform to portray your talent with such a great support of the faculty members. Student life at GEHU is full of various challenges and opportunities.

We got a lot of exposure through various events and seminars by learned teachers. I got many chances to improve my self-confidence by indulging in organising events and participating in interactions. I qualified JAM , national level entrance examination for M. I got rank Supportive teachers and well equipped library with great reference material have helped me a lot in gaining knowledge and accomplishing my goals.

Merovci : Turan Type inequalities for p,q — Gamma function 25 J. Fergy and T. Rabago : Circulant determinant sequences with binomial coefficients 31 L. Dong and Sh. Mehrok and G. Singh : Fekete-Szego inequality for certain classes of close-to-convex functions 41 N. Selvanayaki and G. Ilango : On a-generalized regular weakly closed sets in topological spaces 49 S. Ye and Y.

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Al-Omari and S. Modak : Filter on generalized topological spaces 62 D. Mojdeh, etc. Makinde and A. Oladipo : Some properties of certain subclasses of univalent integral operators 80 N. Subramanian, etc. Masai and N. Kuruoglu : Timelike parallel pi-equidistant ruled surfaces with a spacelike base curve in the Minkowski 3-space Rf 94 D.


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Vidhya, etc. Cesar and F. Thangarajf and S.

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Introduction The concepts of Fuzzy sets and Fuzzy set operations were first introduced by L. Zadeh in his classical paper I 15 l in the year Thereafter the paper of C. Chang M in paved the way for the subsequent tremendous growth of the numerous Fuzzy topological concepts. Since then much attention has been paid to generalize the basic concepts of general topology in Fuzzy setting and thus a modern theory of Fuzzy topology has been developed. Tang I 10!

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The concepts of Baire spaces have been studied extensively in classical topology in [5], [6], [8] and [9]. The concept of Baire spaces in Fuzzy setting was introduced and studied by the authors in [14]. In this paper we study several characterizations of Fuzzy Baire spaces. Definition and properties Now we introduce some basic notions and results used in the sequel.

Definition 2. Anjalmose No. Any other Fuzzy set in A, T is said to be of Fuzzy second category.


Then 1 — A is called a Fuzzy residual set in A, T. A topological space which is not of Fuzzy first category, is said to be a Fuzzy second category space. Let A, T be a Fuzzy topological space. In short we shall denote A,Ta by A. Lemma 2. Fuzzy Baire spaces Definition 3. Definition 3.


Bonaventure University. Then any pair of vertices are in some 7 G -set. Balachandran, Associated topologies of generalized a-closed sets and a-generalized closed sets, Mem. Basic properties and characterization related to these sets are also discussed. Knowledge for the Benefit of Humanity []. S n By Proposition 3.

Theorem 3. Hence no non-zero Fuzzy open set in a Fuzzy Baire space is a Fuzzy first category set. Proposition 3. Let X, T be a Fuzzy Baire space.

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Now A. Therefore X, T is not a Fuzzy Baire space. Let X, T be a Fuzzy topological space.