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Fun for ages Williams Ben Sherman. Visitors will also be encouraged to park at Byron High School or the Sports and Cultural Complex and catch alcoholfree shuttle buses into town.

The move has been welcomed by the business com-. Planted along the Brunswick River in Mullumbimby at the end of Station St, the trees were paid for by dona-.

The community is immensely proud of its sport-. The content of the other nine press conferences can be found, in full, in id. It is a pretty well-established fact that since the beginning of recorded history human beings have liked getting stoned, altering their day-to-day reality by means of various intoxicants. The patent expired in November because of overdue maintenance fees. Ms Grant says she will most likely appeal the decision.

Many of the sites are in partnership with. Landcare or Dunecare groups. Help is need to finalise a half hectare of primary work on Saturday July 27, 9am— 1pm. Meet at 9am at the fire track gate south of the surf club at Brunswick Heads. Please bring loppers if you have some and also wear boots, long-sleeved shirt, a hat and gloves, and bring water to drink and some morning tea. Children are welcome with parental supervision. More information call Nadia or visit www.

Photo Eve Jeffery. But Mr Pugh says the group has never done this. Q Read more on this story at. Our beer gets to the coolroom cold, ensuring the coldest beer in town. Limits may apply. We reserve the right to correct printing errors. For more visit byronbaytennis. A workshop is planned for Saturday, and follows a successful workshop held earlier in the year. One Organic director Kieran Weston told.

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To register, visit www. Enter online at www. Entries close on Tuesday August 6.

The group, which is against the idea, claim it would result in a power grab from the federal government. Some items are sold in pre-packed sizes. While stocks last — please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand. In the event of unexpected high demand, ALDI Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities.

Statistics say that one in five Australians will at some time suffer from a mental illness. Whether a family member, a friend or yourself, no-one remains untouched from the issues that affect a community. In her documentary The Sunnyboy, film maker Kaye Harrison tells the story of Jeremy Oxley, the frontman for the band The Sunnyboys as he emerges from a year battle with schizophrenia. Kaye credits the acclaim The Sunnyboy has been receiving to the strong relationship she developed with Jeremy and the timing of the project. He attempts to reconcile relationships from the past, particularly with his brother and former band member Peter.

From his struggle with the physical effects of years spent self-medicating, to his hope of a marriage and return to the stage, this is a documentary about a man the mainstream had forgotten. And yet their story needs to be told honestly and with the view not to cause harm with the finished product. Here I was making a film about schizophrenia trying to create awareness — I was always concerned that he would be ashamed of it and it would damage him in some way.

Kaye says that he got to the point where he lost everything and was sleeping on the street. Much of the film focuses not just on the reunion of the band, but the reunion of the brothers. West Papua Flotilla in town Often ignored by mainstream media is the occupation and atrocities committed by Indonesiana on the people of one of our closest neighbours, West Papua.

They either live in poverty on low income support payments, or they move to areas with jobs available and live in housing related poverty. Michael McDonald. Post Pub. No more bleeding hearts versus hardliners; not more do-gooders against xenophobes. And no more compassion seeking to moderate pragmatism. From now on the policy is clear, bipartisan and brutal: keep the bastards out.

Instead of coming to Australia, the tenth richest country in the world, they are to be shunted off to Papua-New Guinea, the one hundred and thirty-ninth. Or if possible even further away. Just stop the boats. Even Tony Abbott reckons that it is not a bad idea, although of course he is quick to add that it will never work under Kevin Rudd. And as a political solution it is simple and elegant: a concrete plan with a far better chance of success than anything Abbott and his unwholesome immigration spokesman Scott Morrison have proposed.

But that does not mean that even by its own pragmatic standards it will be trouble free. For starters, there is the cost; we have not yet been told just what is entailed but it will not be less than an arm and a leg. Of course, we will save much of the money now spent. But Rudd still has a few hoops to jump through before he can claim to have put this most vexing of political problems to bed. Still, he has to be given marks for trying.

Books by Michael W. Raphael (Author of ReViewing Chess)

On any level the current situation was out of control. With more than 15, boat people having arrived already this year and no sign of relief in sight, circumstances had indeed changed since ,. And PNG already has a refugee problem of its own: unlike Australia, the country has a land border, which some 9, desperates have crossed fleeing persecution in Irian Jaya.

Given its own straitened economy, the residents may be forgiven for feeling they already do enough for the cause without making an open-ended commitment to their former colonial master. The current plan has. The drownings were becoming commonplace, despite the best efforts of an increasingly traumatised navy and the caps were overflowing. And there may even be a bright side. Now there is a chance that those places will open up again, and Rudd has signalled that if things work out, he will increase them by another 7, There has never been a queue, as such, but there have always been many thousands hoping against hope that their numbers will eventually come up.

If the PNG solution comes off, their chances will improve significantly. Unlike the countries of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where most asylum seekers arrive on foot, Australia is girt by sea. And we have an atavistic dread of unauthorised maritime arrivals — the boats, however harmless, are always seen a some kind of invasion, a threat to our way of lives.

When it comes to asylum seekers, this appears an absurd exaggeration, but perhaps, just perhaps, it is not entirely irrational. After all, it has happened before. Just ask the Aboriginals. Residents against holiday letting are not just about tourists making noise but rather social amenity.

Initially most of the established bitou died, but within months new plants were establishing and within nine months there was as much bitou as previously. I believe there have been two spraying programs in recent years. There has been some resurgence of native species, but aerial spraying. Many people on holiday behaving like you do on holiday in our residential streets?

No amount of deposit can compensate for disturbance of quality of life.

No more talk fests with people who make heaps of money from disturbing us. There were no residents at the recent meeting regarding holiday lets. Council staff recently brought. There needs to be a strategic backup program of some sort. A more strategic approach with a hand-weeding component at critical times is the only way to get beyond the continual reliance on poison sprays. Work has been done on the Cape by workers using harnesses and rope safety lines.

This would allow systematic bitou control and probably be less costly than helicopters. These programs are funded by taxpayers, and we are not getting good value. Cr Wanchap is part of the problem, not the solution. Simon Davis is absolutely right: holiday renting in residential zones is illegal and has been ever since the LEP; the recent Terrigal decision simply reinforces this Letters, July Given that successive councils have failed to act despite heartfelt pleas from residents — many of whom have given up and ture, not the current over-reliance on aerial spraying with all its risks, and nothing else!

Books by Michael W. Raphael

Veda Turner Byron Bay. Eroding dunes A recent walk along the Belongil estuary revealed a damaged road, complete with infrastructure hanging from an eroded dune. The erosion of dunes in the estuary is of deep concern. While every effort appears to be occuring in human comfort and public relations concerning this site, the greatest concern remains — the rapidly eroding dunes in the estuary.

This will be further ensured with the impact of. Letters longer than words may be cut. Letters already published in other papers will not be considered.

ReViewing Chess: Queen's Gambit Accepted, 3.e4, Vol. (ReViewing Chess: Openings) - Kindle edition by Michael W. Raphael. Download it once and . (ReViewing Chess: Openings) pdf epub ebooks download free, MB ReViewing Chess: Queen's Gambit Declined, Orthodox 3 0 0 Queen's Gambit Declined, Orthodox, Main Line, Vol. (ReViewing Chess: Op . Openings) (English Edition) [Edición Kindle] PDF; ReViewing.