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Their motives are murky and none of them are poor. But Reinhard longs for adventure and Warren is disillusioned with the conventional, middle-class life that awaits him. In this stylish and wildly original heist movie, violent fantasies have very real victims. The film begins with pilots from the Polish Air Force fl eeing occupied Europe to bolster our beleaguered air defences.

They are initially confi ned to base by a suspicious War Offi ce and not allowed to fi ght until we start to run out of native fighter pilots. When they finally take to the skies, their skill and bravery make the highest-scoring squadron in the Battle Of Britain. Hurricane is named after the British aircraft most widely used in the battle. Sadly, budget constraints mean that they are rendered in overly shiny CGI in the dogfi ght scenes.

Thankfully, the action on the ground is a lot more convincing. There is an authentic edge to early scenes where Jan meets his cocky comrades at RAF Northolt and they clash with the Canadian offi cer Milo Gibson who has been ordered to keep them out of the fi ght. There is a great performance from Stefanie Martini who plays a command bunker girl. But the film ends on a very sour note.

But what is supposed to be a special treat turns into a nightmare when the girl goes missing and a gang of unconvincing Russian terrorists take over the stadium. There was no evidence. He wasn't even given a specific crime to pursue. It was open-ended. It was go find a crime because there weren't any crimes that had been committed. But what we just went through was not an investigation.

Robert Mueller has known for a minimum, folks, of 18 months that there was no collusion. Why did he not shut it down 18 months ago? Why did he take the gig? He took the job knowing there was no collusion. The only collusion - we've been saying it ad infinitum - is Hillary Clinton with the Russians and Steele creating this dossier, and they try to pass this off as legitimate intel.

You talked about Brennan earlier. He met with the House Democrats yesterday. This isn't over as far as they're concerned. And Brennan is the guy who passed the dossier to Harry Reid. Everybody thinks it was mccain , and mccain played a role in this. But this was not an investigation.

This was a coup. This was an attempt to find a crime. And the fact that they couldn't with all of this money and 19 people on his investigative team, at least the lawyers who were from the anti-Trump camp, the donors to Hillary Clinton, and they couldn't find anything. Sean, ladies and gentlemen, you have to know the passage in the Mueller report where it says: "numerous entreaties were made by Russians to the Trump campaign, but the Trump campaign -" that's not what happened.

If he had been hired and they tried to get two other people, if they had been hired, guess what they would have done? They would have started communicating with Russian agents they know, and then there would have been the collusion that the FBI was trying to create. There wasn't any. This is worse than anybody is being led to believe it is, because it's being called an investigation and Trump passed the test, they didn't find anything. That is the only way to assure we never again have a deep state coup attempt. List of names attached.

Is there any chance that you can share this renewed invitation with John Podesta to consider what may be possible to rework in her tight schedule before the major evening commitments while in town? We have also previously welcomed several US presidential candidates and we have requests from four candidates for our upcoming event, but we would like to give priority to Secretary Clinton.

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Didn't annotate document because it would have looked a mess. Think Yale [Bonesmen]. What are the consequences? John S. The ship was commissioned 26 November , with Captain A. Rule, Jr.

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Just months later, the guy on the right would guide his ship into the Tonkin Gulf, and the young man on the left would begin a remarkable transformation into a brooding rock god. The Bon Homme Richard, by the way, was launched on April 29, , under the sponsorship of Catherine mccain , the grandmother of a certain presidential contender.

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Notes update Anything missed? Cindy mccain in Ukraine. Elections tommorow. Jeff Flake R acknowledged in a National Journal article last month that in the s he worked as a lobbyist for Rossing Uranium, a mining company with ties to Iran, a position he kept relatively quiet. National Journal reported that Flake registered as a foreign agent during this period. In an interview with the Associated Press last week, Flake said he has been upfront about his work as a lobbyist for the mining company.

Halper's involvement. To focus on Halper would inevitably lead to focusing on those he was working for and that's the last thing the Deep State wants American voters to know about. Worked for Lehman Brothers, as a strategist for proprietary trading operations, Served in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, holding a variety of positions pertaining to nuclear weapons and arms control, From served as the chairman of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, a non-profit organization set-up that advocated the ousting of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

From served as the president of the U. Serves on the Board of the We Remember Foundation, a non-profit organization involved in the search for justice for the families of disappeared persons in Belarus and around the world and in advocacy of human rights. Since , he has been active in the Balkans and post-Soviet democracies advocating democratic reform and EU accession.

Cabal31 and 32 up, Elvis heading toward Memphis. FB says it 'mistakenly deleted' them. Trump supporter at Beto rally. The Hooahnon Edition. Until we stop the silliness of focusing on the meat puppets and focus on the root, nothing now accomplished will continue.

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The globalist propaganda media is owned and controlled. It isn't the meat puppets that need to be destroyed regardless of how good it will feel to be able to enter an airport and not have the corrupt news network meat puppets blaring garbage, are only the bottom rung of the ladder. It is their owners, the top of the DS that need to be drawn into the light.


America, we HAVE to bite the bullet and destroy, not just talk and mince and whine. The Brunch Edition. The 25 observers include current members of parliament, former U.

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Congressmen, and senior IRI leadership. IRI opened its first Ukrainian office in IRI is at the forefront of providing global democracy assistance. The delegation will observe the presidential election in Ukraine on March And I am glad that I knew him, we often communicated. As long as there is memory, there is no true loss.

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The accusation is NOT rape. How to take the angst out of parents evenings Houllier losing the blame game How Gilbert plans to keep England on the ball How long will Blair carry on? Age Inappropriate. Who else knows? Think about your own situation if Obama had attended your college? But it is worth stopping now and pondering just how stupid all the experts in Washington really think you are.

We will always remember John mccain , who was a true friend of Ukraine," said Klitschko. During the meeting, the Kyiv mayor informed representatives of the delegation about challenges Ukraine faced during the election campaign and stressed: "The most important thing is to preserve the democratic, pro-European course of Ukraine. We will continue following the European direction of development so that Ukraine can become a strong and successful democratic state, an equal member of the European family.

Probably not as many as Hillary or John mccain had killed, but a decent showing nonetheless. Reynolds learned from Obama, on the golf course, that he was going to challenge Rep. Bobby Rush for his congressional seat.

Having such a high-profile friend can also bring unpleasant scrutiny.