How To Deal With Verbal Aggression: at work, at home, or on the street

Violence in the workplace guide
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It can also occur outside of the workplace for example when a client or customer approaches an employee at the supermarket, a football game or when walking down the street. In the Tasmanian State Service we provide a wide range of services to the Tasmanian community including patients, students, inmates, licence holders, business stakeholders and the broader public. The safety and well-being of our employees and the community is our priority and we are committed to:. Our employees have the right to feel safe at work. We will not tolerate any form of violent or aggressive behaviour towards our employees from customers, clients or the general public.

We encourage clients to talk to us if they have feedback on their experience. Statement of Principles PDF.

What is bullying?

There are a number of practical steps employees can take if they have experienced violent or aggressive behaviour from the public including: Speaking to a manager or HR. Access medical treatment if it is needed. Use the free Employee Assistance Program. Report the incident via our incident reporting system.

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Speak to the Police. The intent or ability to carry out the threat is not relevant. The important issue is that the behaviour creates a risk to the health and safety of employees. Take an active role in creating and maintaining a safe environment for everyone. The ever-growing nervousness in my stomach gave me the answer to my own question; resounding fear and intimidation.

Bullying and Harassment

I was furious that I allowed this fear to engulf me and now I am equally furious in the knowledge that it will stop me from speaking up in the future. It was a long bus ride home. I sat close to the driver. The degradation that filled my commute that night was not yet over.

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As I got off the bus, I heard thrashing against the windows and looked up to find yet another group of males. They taunted and made sexually explicit gestures towards me out the window.

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It is a defence to section 4A and section 5 for the accused to demonstrate that their conduct was reasonable, which must be interpreted in accordance with the freedom of expression and other freedoms. They all stood and cheered. In my position I just pray every chance I get for either I or the bully to be removed from this earth. She had always been an attention grabber. I stood, I waited, I ignored.

I walked home. I opened the door and sat in my kitchen. I cried.

What is harassment

I was so very, very tired. I knew then that just because I was home it did not mean it was all over. Verbal abuse of women in public Mon, Oct 19, , More from The Irish Times Opinion.

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Can I defend myself against verbal abuse?

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Occupational violence and Aggression Tasmanian State Service Definition and Statement of Principles

How To Deal With Verbal Aggression: at work, at home, or on the street eBook: Robert Agar-Hutton: Kindle Store. How To Deal With Verbal Aggression at work at home or on the street as Guerrilla Tactics Against Passive Aggression in the Work Place The Complete Guide To.

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