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KU has 12 cooperative living halls right in the heart of main campus. Any prospective or current undergraduate student may enter this competitive selection process, based on financial need academic merit and essays. We'll let you know when we've made the change. Skip to main content. The question about possible felony offenses is asked of every prospective resident because KU Student Housing has a goal of providing safe and secure housing to all.

If you fail to answer the question when you sign the online contract, contract acceptance will be delayed and you will be contacted personally. Halls are locked to anyone who does not have a valid KU Card. Here are the other security precautions in the KU Student Housing: Residents must scan their identification card to enter their building Student security staff members walk throughout buildings from 11 p.

Use high-efficiency laundry soap. The equipment provider recommends using the pre-measured individual single-serving packets. A video on how to use the machines is available. Not at KU. However, most freshman do live on campus. We know that students who are most satisfied with on-campus living: Have a good relationship with student staff we have the best Resident Assistants, so this one should be easy.

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Compre Freshman Girls' Dorms 5: Undone (English Edition) de James Lawrence na Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e. Freshman Girls Dorms 5 Undone, Freshman Girls Dorms 4 Roommates with Benefits Freshman Girls Dorms 6 Aftershocks and other options as Freshman Girls.

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Choose "myKU" from the uppermost blue navigation bar above or go to the myKU portal page. Select "Services. Rates vary by building and room type. Student Housing staff will contact you once your request is either approved or denied.

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Requests are approved based on space availability and student eligibility for the requested space. Once your request has been approved Residents must accept an approved request within 24 hours or the request is cancelled. Student Housing staff will email the confirmed move time and move instructions to you.

You must complete the process within 48 hours or you may be charged for both spaces. Front desk staff at your new building will check you in. Complete your check-in paperwork and get access to your new space. In some cases, you receive a key; other buildings have proximity card access. Move your belongings. Return to your original hall front desk to officially check out of your old space and return your key if that building has keys. If you fail to properly check out, you will receive administrative and damage fees. To cancel your student housing contract, follow these steps: Choose "myKU" from the uppermost blue navigation bar above or go to the myKU portal page.

Appeal process All appeals must be submitted in writing to housing ku. The appeal must have supporting documentation. Additional documentation may be required.

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We will communicate a decision by e-mail. What will not be considered?

“A Kind of Savage” by James Baker Hall

Appeals of cancellations more than a year old. After check-in, cancellation requests will not be approved for students who remain enrolled but wish to move off campus, including Greek chapter houses; full contract fees will apply. Here is the schedule for room selection. After you have moved into the building: Submit your change request online. The meeting, when it came, was a solemn occasion. The Council president sat at one end of the great oval table and Courtney at the other, linked by girls around both sides, many with manila folders before them.

Another girl the head of the campus chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, a girl who was fond of calling William F. Buckley Jr. Desecration gives me the willies. Not mine. That did it. What they had been advertising as moral indignation was suddenly revealed to be nothing but hatred posing as righteousness. The Dean, assuming that Courtney was unaffected, that she would sit it out calmly and shame them all, was embarrassed for the girls and for herself too. She was about to leave the room, as a way of registering her protest and bringing the girls back to their senses, when the whole business took an abrupt turn.

Suddenly everybody was staring at the girl sitting there at the end of the oversized table, the fingers of both hands hooked over the edge. She was close to tears. I try as hard as I can. Finally, the Council president pointed out that people had to be judged finally by what they did, not by what they intended to do. All the girls nodded with relief and pride.

Then someone wanted to know, well, where did they stand? No one, not even the Dean, doubted for a minute that she meant what she was saying. In closing she read the Donne passage about how no man is an island unto himself but each a part of the main, and when she finished the room was absolutely silent again. The Dean found herself deeply moved. The Council president looked slowly around the room. For several weeks the Dean waited for something to happen, but nothing did.

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Namespaces Article Talk. I read old journal entries from my freshman year. I was free. April left him wide-eyed and went into the bathroom. Sometimes I cry.

In time even Elizabeth Dickinson went on record as giving the girl a chance to grow up and become civilized. The Dean was about ready to chalk up another one for good old Talcott College when she got a note from the Dean of one of the sister colleges saying that she ought to know that some girl at Talcott, claiming to have the name and address of the greatest lover in France, was trying to organize a summer pilgrimage composed of one girl from each of the sister colleges.

The girls were pouring out of the dorms on their way to church when a bright red sports car, driven by a bearded man and followed by four motor scooters.


The doors of the dormitory were wide open, but Courtney, who was still drunk, stood on the stone wall around the beech tree demanding to be let in. Before long every girl in the dorm was downstairs and out on the sidewalk.

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They had to wrestle Courtney inside and onto the elevator. Poor Elizabeth Dickinson spent the rest of the day under sedatives. The phone rang and rang, but no one answered. The Dean sat there, elbows on the desk, and waited. Finally, Courtney picked up the phone. You-all, huh?

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The Dean stalled for as long as she dared, hunting for an oblique way to distinguish herself from Elizabeth Dickinson and the Talcott girls, but she knew that Courtney had her. There was a long silence, by which Courtney managed to insinuate — or so it seemed to the Dean — that she knew that was a lot of guff, and that the Dean knew it too.

By the time the girl arrived, the Dean had spoken with her parents, with Miss Finch, and with the housemother. The poor uncle was an elderly lawyer who had seen her no more than a dozen times in his life — one day he and his wife were living the perfectly civilized life of a New England couple of means, and the next Courtney Pettit was in residence.

The rules were hard enough for the Talcott people themselves to understand, so it was no wonder he found them utterly confusing.

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He was asking because Courtney had sat in a car out in front of the house the previous night from eleven until nearly one A. So the next night Courtney brought her New Haven friends in with her, five of them with three guitars. Neither he nor his wife had anything against young people having a good time, the uncle told the Dean, but he felt obliged to see that Courtney kept her part of the bargain, and he was beginning to suspect that she was taking advantage of his lack of familiarity with the rules.

A long silence. Did Courtney honestly not care? Hard as it was for her to face, the Dean was afraid that this girl was insisting on their differences, and she felt betrayed. She knew that when it was all over, when she was left with those who cared about nothing else, that she would want Courtney not to have cared at all, that she would be drawn to the idea that there was somebody out there in the world who appreciated everything that Talcott had to offer and was still able to toss it all away with ease. Courtney laughed appreciatively. She lowered the seat back and stretched out. For the next hour she laid out, in a bra and shorts, dozing on and off in the sun.

Occasionally she and Ethan would trade a couple of sentences, but it was mostly quiet. After a while, April became more aware of Ethan stealing glances at her. With her sunglasses on, he couldn't see her seeing him trying to keep his eyes on the road but taking long looks at her tight tummy and bra-encased tits.

At first she shrugged it off, because she WAS partly to blame for it, but as time went on she found herself getting more turned on by his long glances. Bit by bit, she started thinking about taking her bra off. She didn't want to give Ethan the wrong idea, but then again, he WAS giving her a long ride home, wouldn't that be the least she could do? Plus, she would avoid tan lines She was getting so turned on by the thought of doing it, of seeing Ethan stare at her naked tits, that she decided to take a step toward it.