Football Against The Enemy: Football Against The Enemy

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But not all nations desire to separate the umbilical cord that binds them to their fellow footballers. In an interesting turn of the situation, while Catalonia cheers on every newly-formed nation, they are content to stay put by only basking in regional pride. There is no need or motivation to leave Spain; too much uncertainty or change is a bad thing for them — though in recent times that sentiment has changed, whether by the referendum or the increasing pro-Catalonia stirrings in this state.

However, whether divided or united, it largely comes down to other forms of currency for football-crazy nations.

Football against the Enemy : Football against the Enemy -- Paperback / softback [Paperback]

Clubs are not just political, but also monetary machines. In Ukraine, the president lives off food coupons while the players drive around in Mercedes. In fact, the entire club team masqueraded as the national side at the Olympics to win bronze. Money changing hands is also important for cash-strapped nations in more ways than one — transfers are used as economic tools of progression. This all leads into an idolatry of the west.

London is seen as the height of progressive power, which is at odds with the inferiority complex felt by the English themselves.

Football Against The Enemy : Football Against The Enemy

This gets brought to the forefront especially with Margaret Thatcher, who got removed from power because she was unable to showcase the signs of strength Paul Gascoigne could — that of an Englishman rising from the back alleys of poverty to take on the rich continentals. As the author admits, post-war Britain can be seen in the eyes of a tearful Gazza walking off the pitch during the World Cup semi-final even as England lose.

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Football Against the Enemy [Simon Kuper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The classic winner of the William Hill Sports Book of the Year. Buy Football Against The Enemy UK ed. by Simon Kuper (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

In the dark underbelly of football, corruption is rampant. People justify their bribes and match-fixing to Kuper as being a universal action that cancels out and makes the world a fair place. Positions of power were to be made permanent, the status quo had to prevail. Not only in the expanses of Europe, but even in the deep hearts of South America and Africa — this disease was global in nature.

Who can hate a man who ensures the game goes on? Financial struggles also plague the African nations — many of its players go unpaid as they prepare for the World Cup.


As the global event that was the World Cup drew nearer, Kuper investigated USA, the centre of all the hullabaloo. Wire service provided by Associated Press. Over the last century, two great wars and several smaller ones have seen countries broken up and eternally set against each other. Thanks for telling us about the problem. And that is the central idea of the book: That football is, even after almost years of inception, still growing and evolving alongside the people that explore the game.

The managers start paying out of their own pocket, and when that becomes scant — it falls on the already burdened taxpayers. Football remains beloved, but the people involved less so.

A small nation can take on a superpower and come up triumphant. There is another factor involved when it comes to performing on a global stage, and that is identity.

And what better way to showcase a cultural persona to the world than a patent style of football? Convert currency. Add to Basket. Condition: New.

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The classic winner of the William Hill Sports Book of the Year AwardThroughout the world, football is a potent force in the lives of billions of people. Seller Inventory HUK More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Orion, Seller Inventory mon Book Description Orion , London, Seller Inventory Book Description Condition: New.

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Seller Inventory B Book Description Orion Publishing Co, New Book. Shipped from UK. Established seller since Seller Inventory GB From players and managers, to club officials and ordinary fans, Kuper unearths a story in each country that says something profound about the way football influences that society and how that society influences its football. It blew my mind. It introduced me to a wider football world I really barely new existed — Barcelona as a symbol for Catalonian independence, that clubs called Dynamo all had KGB connections, and so so much more.

The scope of the book is incredible, with 22 chapters covering countries across the globe. Re-reading it this week, it shocks me just how much impact this book had on my sports reading over the years. It opened my eyes to sport as sociology, politics and history.

I mainly want to express my love for it, the feeling of discovery it gave me and my joy at reading so many of the books it clearly inspired.

Football Against The Enemy: Football Against The Enemy by Simon Kuper

Local attitudes and cultures could still impact the way the game was played more than today. Society wise, he in particular captured the new era of independence among many Eastern European countries. Simply put it is a remarkable book that captures the essence of what football means in many different parts of the world. Its a book of its time and place that tantalisingly introduces scores of topics that deserve and many now have books in their own right.