Elsies Widowhood (Annotated)

Robert Benchley: An Annotated Bibliography
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Bradley, 40 pges. U of Texas, Austin. D, dissertation. John R. Brown, Samuel E. Fernando Edwards Worcester. Riker, Fulton-Street. The Tether J. Wick's Aunt. House, "studio is located in real life [ad], just as it was in the preceding romance, at 91 Washington Street" 42, Marcy J. Stokes, [Google Books] Burkhart, Rebecca. Quinn Medicine Woman accessed 3 Mar. John March, Southerner C.

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Against the Tide Bethany House, 19th c. Boston translator for Navy Women translators; Boston Mass. That ill-famed qurter known as the North End" 41; murder mystery Man-woman relationships -- 19th century Carleton, George Washington. See Freelance, Radical. Carlisle, Lindsay P. Art School Girls Lindsay P.

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Lady of Boston. Wait and Co. Dillingham, HathiTrust "a true picture of Boston fashionable society. Evelyn's Husband. Gill, [ A Sherwood Bonner Sampler, , ed. International Society Press, play set in Boston and Malden ; wealthy Chinese tea merchant marries white American girl, returns to China after her death and 28 years in U. Churchill, Winston. Coniston Macmillan, [Google Books ed. Thimble's Scolding Wife. Coverly, Jr.

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Donald Teskey. Wildflower Girl Holiday House, Juvenile--ages s; thirteen-year- old girl emigrates from Ireland to Boston Irish-American girls; Thirteen-year-old girls; Ocean travel -- History -- 19th century; Child labor exploitation -- Boston, Massachusetts; Teenage domestic workers -- Boston, Massachusetts; Separated friends, relatives, etc; Irish immigrants; Teenage immigrants; Ireland -- Immigration and emigration Conway, Moncure Daniel. Internet Archive ] Coolidge, Susan [pseud. Gleason, set in Boston Generosity; Poot Litfind.

The Lamplighter Boston: John P. The Chronicles of Mount Benedict. Sullivan among others Dell, Floyd. Bybury to Beacon Street Boston: D. Lothrop, [Internet Archive] " busy Beacon Street woman['s]. A New York Detective]. The Dime Novel Detective , ed. Tousey, [Check Hoppenstand as p. Stevens as author. Narcisse, pseud. Storer Doutney? Angela; or, Love and Guilt. Brainard, Edith Vernon or, Crime and Retribution.

Rencounter in Hanover Street Retribution; Crime Series: Novelette, no.

The Bomfords of Worcestershire

Mussey, [HathiTrust] short stories; some Boston, e. Ballou, Dusenbery, B. Timothy Thistle. A Single Gentleman Boston: O. Box address Emerson, Ralph Waldo. An oration on Bunker Hill battle, delivered on the battle ground, in Charlestown, 18th of June Respectfully dedicated to the eight hundred and thirty eight independent citizens who honoured him with their suffrages as representatives of the city of Boston, the past year Boston:Printed for the author.

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Bradley, ? HHathiTrust] opens in "one of the larger hotels of Boston" 1; ends in "a large brick house in Beacon street" 40 Vice Evans, Abigail A.

Peleg Newsby, pseud. White, Cambridge, Dorchester, etc. Farquhar, Anna. An Evans of Suffolk Boston: L. Carolyn Wells. Scribner's, [Google Books] satire Fern, Fanny pseud. Ticknor, , pp. The Soldier's Orphan. A Novel New York: C. Van Winkle, "pages None So Blind The Macmillan Company, Bail "the development of the character, morals, mind, and body of Dick Blaisdell during his senior year at Harvard, presumably at the turn of the century" Bail Fitzjames, Phoebe. Stratemeyer and Frederick A.

Franklin, Augustus. Anne Melbourne; or, the Return to Virtue. A Tale of Boston Boston: H. Williams, Freelance, Radical [pseud. Google Books Frisch, Karen.

With the Compliments of Chas. Frothingham Boston. Grant, printer, Washington St. Henry M Snyder. Gallagher, Kevin. Boston is central to the story. But he finds that all land within 30 miles of a railroad has been taken up by speculators. He struggles for five years to pay off a loan and get title to his farm, and then a storm destroys his wheat just before harvest.

To Tame a Savage Kensington Pub. Clarissa Packard. See Kirke, Edmund. Goodger, Jane. Anything for Love Topaz, also 20th c.

My Reckless Heart Kensington Pub. Vultures; or, The Secret of a Birth. Hannah Rose River Oak, Capt. Gow, Ronald.

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The Bay Psalm Book Murder. A first edition. Furthermore, ironically, in Conservative synagogues the event symbolized the one and only day the young woman would read from the Torah, whereas for boys the Lit. Robert Roth. Schwartz, Shuly Rubin. Love Among the Orientals Donald I. Vance unmasks the killer [and] as clues pile up, readers learn a great deal about the dark secrets that underlie the seemingly placid professorial lives of Dillard and Arnesson.

The Chippendales C. Sever, [Google Books] Boston Mass. To Tame a Duke Kensington Pub. Haeger, Diane. Osgood, , pp. Informative eview , Literary News , Jun.