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Light Black Skin. After recovering, he was sent to Central Mississippi correctional facility. Share this article Share. Turner had stopped by his house during the day on July 5, , to find Wilson, 47, covered in sweat, wearing camouflage and sitting on the front steps. Man jailed for manslaughter of victim 17 years after assault 04 October

States are also obliged to ensure that prisoners are treated humanely. This includes providing adequate accommodation, food and water, sanitation and healthcare, access to light, fresh air and exercise. There are international standards relating to clothing and bedding, contact with the outside world and access to legal representation.

Belize: The Prison That Found God

Rules regulating the prison regime cover discipline and punishment and instruments of restraint to ensure fair and equal treatment and safeguard against abuse and arbitrary application. There are also specific standards which address the needs of particular groups, such as women and children. Mississippi pays the lowest salary for jail and correctional officers in the nation, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

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The current starting pay is still low enough for a prison guard raising a family of three to qualify for food stamps. Kevin Schaal, a year-old inmate serving time for sale of a controlled substance, drug possession and possession of a weapon, has spent much of his life behind bars. The gangs tell him where to sleep.

And when he arrives at that bed, he will probably see a wire frame with no mattress because they have already seized it for themselves, Schaal said.


Inmates report gangs enforce the rules at South Mississippi correctional institution, where violence is surging and 'horrific' attacks leave 'no. A cell on Death Row at San Quentin State Prison in Point Quentin, California. We'll look at commerce inside the prison and prisoner contact with the outside.

Even if an inmate is transferred to a different part of the prison, his photo arrives ahead of him. Russell Turner, editor of the Greene County Herald in Leakesville and a member of the citizen advisory committee to the prison, joined him. Such an assertion contradicts the public safety mission of the agency.

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The tour came just days before a correctional officer found Henry Armstead on his back between the benches in a dayroom, according to an incident report obtained by the Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting. She found her son on life support. Demetrius Armstead called for a federal investigation into the violence against her son and others.

With declining staff and increasing violence, lockdowns have become a permanent way of life at SMCI. Although courts have held that all inmates are entitled to an hour of exercise each weekday , that rarely happens at SMCI, inmates say.

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And we do it for the public. Wilemon said the gang held him hostage for more than 12 hours. He never made it, passing out on the grass.

He was airlifted to Forrest general hospital, more than 50 miles away, where doctors removed his ruptured spleen and gallbladder, he said. There have been periods in which there were incidents every single day for weeks on end, so this happens quite often. Inmates have to walk past the exercise cage while being escorted to the showers.

Sometimes the prisoner in the cage will attempt to throw faeces at the passer-by. Inmates store their shit in bottles, ready to launch it at a rival when the opportunity arises. They sometimes also chuck piss out of the windows. Some enjoy the fact that they can inflict harm on others while on the CSC without having to worry about getting their heads kicked in for it, because they're able to do it at a distance while surrounded by guards.

This wouldn't be the case on a normal prison-wing; if you start something there, you have to deal with the consequences straight away.

RIP the Black Swallow of Death

Most people are stuck here for the long haul with no hope of progression to another location. The powers-that-be are within their rights to keep prisoners here forever if they want to, which is a depressing thought. Some residents go insane from the vast periods of isolation.